Should I Hire an SEO Company to Manage my Website?


You should absolutely hire a Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-per-Click (PPC), Social, and Website Hosting, Management and Design company (I hear Droxon, LLC is a good one). And the reason isn’t because those are complicated or magical things. In fact, the reason you should hire a company to do your marketing and development is much, much, much more simple.

You can do basic math. You know how to iron a shirt. You can cook a basic meal. None of these are secrets. None of them are magic. Yet you probably hire an accountant, go to a dry cleaner, and eat at restaurants.


Well maybe you don’t trust yourself to get the math right every time. Maybe you like the way the dry cleaner presses your shirts. Or maybe you’re just too busy to cook. Whatever the reason, the fact is you could do each and every one of those, but you pay a service organization to do it for you.

Droxon, LLC is one of those service organizations. Except instead of math, dry cleaning, and cooking, we perform Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-per-Click Management (PPC), Social Media Management, and Website Hosting, Management & Design. Those are the services we specialize in. Those are the services we provide.

We don’t want the services we provide to be a secret. We don’t want them to be some magical thing that happens on the internet. We want you to know what they are. We want you to understand them. We want you to be able to do them yourself. And we want you to pay us to do it for you.

So ask yourself, are you too busy to research keyword performance? Then Droxon, LLC will do it for you. Are you just not passionate about social media and marketing? We understand, but we are passionate about it. Don’t have the expertise to integrate WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus? That’s right, Droxon, LLC does. Let us handle it for you.

To get started, just send Droxon, LLC an email. We’re ready to help. Today.

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