Do I Need to Advertise My Small Business Online?


That depends. First you need to figure out what you’re doing. Are you running a small business, or are you having fun with a hobby?

If it’s a hobby, then no, not really. Advertising will help, it will let you meet people with similar interests, but you don’t need to. Hobbies aren’t designed to make money. They’re not designed to have year-over-year growth. They’re designed for fun, for learning, for the experience. Advertising optional.

But if you’re running a small business, especially if you’re running a small business online, then absolutely, positively, 100% yes. You need advertising. You must advertise. You will advertise. Or, your small business will die. Advertising’s not optional for businesses; it’s mandatory.

The only way you get new customers is to make sure they find you before they find your competitors. Your service, or product, or solution, has to be available, ready, and in their face when they’re looking for it. Advertising ensures that happens.

So, for small businesses, the question isn’t Should I Advertise?, but How Should I Advertise? and How Much Advertising Should I Do? They’re hard questions. Questions that the experts at Droxon, LLC can help you solve.

Are you going to make t-shirts? Have a raffle? Invest in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? Start a Facebook Page? Design a website? Give business cards to friends? Use Google Pay-Per-Click ads? Put stickers on your car?

The ways you can advertise your small business are limitless. And while we don’t know much about putting stickers on cars or t-shirts, the staff at Droxon, LLC know a lot about small business advertising online. Need help creating a Facebook Page? We can do that. Need someone to manage your Google AdSense pay-per-click campaign? Droxon, LLC does that as well.

If you’re thinking of advertising your small business online, send Droxon, LLC an email. We can help you navigate the world of online advertising, and make sure you’re getting maximum value for your hard earned dollars.

Let us know how we can help. We’re ready. Today.

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